Upcoming Workshops

If you are a student looking to study with me, please keep a look out on this page for any updates for upcoming workshops  and sign up to my newsletter.


If you are an academy, atelier or an art space looking for a teacher you can find out more about the workshops I offer below. If there is another kind of class you would like to suggest that is not listed below that you would like to host, please let me know.

All my classes are suitable for beginners to advanced.

Figure Drawing:

In my figure drawing classes I like to cover a large range of subjects, from gesture lines, shadow shapes and shading, to modeling and anatomy. I cover a mixture of both constructive drawing and impressionistic (naturalist) styles. I also use a mixture of sight size and comparative measurement methods. Mediums: Drawing or oil painting.


In my portrait classes we will cover some basic anatomy and planes of the portrait. I cover getting the likeness, proportions, skin-tones, colors and general drawing tips.  This class varies in medium from pencil to sepia to oil.


In my still-life classes I teach basic drawing and painting techniques, such as how to use values, how to do a step-by-step painting process to creating a life-like painting.

Workshop length and intensity vary.
If you want to host a workshop contact me at info@terrachapman.com.

Landscape or Urban Sketching:

In these classes I cover a wide range of subjects. From landscape in oil to urban watercolor sketches.


Anatomy and Ecorchée Classes:

Please refer to the anatomy page for more information about these classes.