I taught my first workshop when I was 19, a portrait drawing workshop in  Ajijic, Mexico.  I was then offered a student teacher position at the Angel Academy of Art where I was currently studying. I took on Private students in my  summers home from school and found I really enjoyed teaching. Later, after I graduated from the Florence Academy of Art, I was offered a teaching position by Jordi D. Alama at the Barcelona Academy of Art where I taught for three years.
Through these teaching experiences, I have had the opportunity of helping hundreds of students, from a wide set of nationalities, ages, and skill levels.

I want to work with all kinds of students. Young and old, those out to learn for their career and those who are looking to improve their hobby.  I want to work with students working on their college portfolio or  parents who want to introduce their child the world of art and to develop a rewarding talent. I want to work with professional artists looking to refresh their skills or learn new techniques.  Each student is unique and I want to work to find a way to help get you where you want to go.

I work hard to create a comfortable, fun, and stress-free learning environment.  I will tend to your own unique artistic progression and provide you with all I can offer to strengthen your foundations and to blossom into the best artist you can be.

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“[…]her teaching a class felt almost like a breath of fresh air every time, because she clearly adapts to her students and tries to understand what they lack of so they can improve in a better direction. […] She’s one of the teachers that really left her mark in my artistic education; her skills and wisdom are surpassed by her kindness and patience towards the students, and I feel blessed to have had her as a teacher.  I wish and hope I can ever learn and have her as a teacher or mentor again someday, and so I really could not recommend more Mrs. Terra Chapman as an art teacher, for a large variety of styles, techniques and methods.” – Joana Ferreira (Art Student)

Since she has studied at three different ateliers of the 19th century tradition and with a variety of masters in Florence, she knows many techniques to tackle any problem. Terra is excellent at guiding each student through their process, whichever point they might be at, with a very personalized, gentle and motivating approach. […] Terra is one of those teachers that doesn’t stop teaching once class time is over; she goes out of her way to help students, and spends a lot of time putting together presentations, worksheets and individualized exercises.” – Ellen M.  Moysons (Art Student) 


 Classes cover:

Drawing, Oil Painting, Watercolor, Portraiture, Still Life, Figure Drawing and Painting, Old Master Studies, Landscape and more.

Classes include Atalier or Academy style workshops, private lessons, and more.

For more information, contact me at or through this contact form.