Anatomy and Écorché Classes

Artistic Anatomy and Écorché Sculpture

I began feeling the need to study anatomy in my last years as a  student at the academies in Florence. At the Russian Academy in Florence, I met a drawing teacher named Sergey Chubirko, who showed me how important and useful anatomy was for an artist. I followed his lead and began to study on my own from books. I studied hard on my own, but whenever I saw an opening for an anatomy class, I took it. I studied with Jason Arkles in Florence, Aleksey Bahktin at the Russian Academy in Florence, as well as écorché with Mason Sullivan at the Grand Central Academy of Art in New York.  The more I studied anatomy the more benefits I saw for my artworks.  Then, once I began teaching at the Barcelona Academy of Art, I became the  anatomy instructor alongside  teaching regular drawing and painting classes as well.  It was my first experience teaching anatomy, and while it was certainly a great challenge for me, I loved being able to share my love for anatomy with my students.  I have taught a total of three years of anatomy at BAA, two years of écorché classes at BAA, as well as two classes on écorché at the La Salle University in Barcelona.  I want to continue helping art students see the benefits anatomy can have on their work and to help them see the beauty and complexity of the human figure.
Occasionally I will be hosting workshops on anatomy so stay tuned for more information on classes in the near future!

Artistic Anatomy Slideshow

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Écorché Sculpture

Another class I offer, currently in the form of workshops, is Écorché, the study and creation of an anatomical figure.  I find this to be one of the best methods for learning anatomy.  While it is a challenging class, I work hard to make each lesson a fun and enjoyable way of learning.  For artists, sculpting the anatomical figure, from the bones outward, is an invaluable learning experience. I believe every artist should study anatomy at least once in their artistic life, but I also believe it is a useful and interesting subject for non-artists as well.

If you are interested in taking one of these courses please keep a look out for updates on when workshops will be available and sign up to my newsletter.  And if you would like to suggest a course for your location, please contact me in the website’s contact section.

Écorché Sculpture Slideshow

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